Customized Employment Topics: Informational Interviewing

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Event Details:

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 23, 2021 | 2:00 - 2:45 pm ET

Location: Virtual Event

Cost: Free, but registration is required

Presenter: Katherine Inge, Ph.D., OTR, Principal Investigator, Virginia Commonwealth University, Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project on Customized Employment

Interviewing in the context of customized employment is a way to learn about a person’s life story and experiences. Being interested in others is the key to the basic assumptions underlying interviewing techniques. Being interested in the job seeker is fundamental to providing effective customized employment services. This involves putting aside any preconceived notions or assumptions about the individual and really listening to the person’s story.

During this webcast, different strategies for conducting interviews will be discussed. In addition, informational interviewing for discovery and job development will be described. Finally, case studies including an interview with an important person in a job seeker's life will be presented as an example.

This webcast is worth 1 CRC.

This training is provided by the Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project on Customized Employment at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU-DRRP).

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