Customized Employment Training Series

Learn more about the elements of Customized Employment by viewing this collection of trainings. We recommend doing them in order to build your knowledge.   


Customized Employment Introduction

This training provides an overview of Customized Employment.


Customized Employment – Quality Indicators

This webcast will explore the quality elements of customized employment and how to facilitate customized jobs for individuals with significant disabilities.


Customized Employment – Essential Elements

This webcast will explore the essential elements of customized employment as identified by rehabilitation professionals in the United States.


Customized Employment – Building Social Capital

Learn more about the benefits of social Capital, how it is important to everyone’s career path, and how to integrate relationship building into each individual’s support plan.


Customized Employment – Becoming a First Class Noticer

Learn more about Discovery and how using our senses is a powerful way to learn about a job seeker.


Customized Employment – Building Relationships with Employers

In this training, learn about building relationships and understanding how to engage with employers.


Customized Employment – Visual Resumes Using Video and Customized Job Tasks Instructional Strategies

In Part 1, learn about Video Visual Resumes and in Part 2, learn about validated instructional strategies that can be used to develop the workplace supports necessary for job task completion.


Customized Employment – In the Real World

This training explores access equality, funding possibilities, and training recommendations.


Customized Employment – Discovery Fidelity Scale

Learn more about the discovery process used in customized employment as a way to get to know the job seeker.


Customized Employment – Job Development Fidelity Scale

Learn about the effective practices in providing customized job development.