Autism and Employment

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Recorded Date: 6/18/2020

Presenters: Sean M. Inderbitzen, Behavioral Health Therapist, Northlakes Community Clinic; Katherine Hurley, MA, MFA, PhD student in Counseling at The George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development

This webinar will introduce tools to assist people with ASD in obtaining and maintaining employment. It is designed for Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists, Employment Specialists, and young adults (17-24) living with Autism.


  • Explore tools to advocate for sensory based accommodations
  • Learn strategies for transitioning from to high school to post-secondary education or work
  • Discover MI strategies for working with young adults with Autism
  • Recognize symptoms of common co-occurring mental health conditions in people with ASD
  • Receive tools to prepare young adults with ASD for interviews and employment, disclosure about diagnosis tools
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