Customized Training – Factsheet

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Key Facts:

Fact 1:

Customized training is training that is designed to meet the specific requirements of an employer or group of employers; the training generally includes a commitment from the employer to share costs with the training provider and to hire some or all of the trainees.

Fact 2:

The hallmarks of customized training are: short term-preparation, specific skills training, rapid placement, and follow-up services.

Fact 3:

VR agencies have traditionally used an on-the-job training (OJT) model for one-to-one skill training and placement. Today, more VR agencies are partnering with businesses to build customized training programs.

Fact 4:

Although highly valuable, customized training is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is most fitting for prospective workers who are deemed “job ready.”

Fact 5:

Customized training is not meant to stand alone, it is meant to be linked with other labor market interventions including education and job creation.
Customized training is highly individualized to meet the needs of the individual, the employer, and the rapidly changing demands of a knowledge-based economy. - Torjman, 2000


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