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Employer Practices for Hiring People with Disabilities – Factsheet

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Key Facts:

Fact 1:

Financial incentives played a critical role in employers’ decision of hiring people with disabilities, especially for smaller businesses.

Fact 2:

Employers demonstrated having a preference of disability type when hiring individuals with disabilities, with physical disabilities being the most preferred.

Fact 3:

Employers that have collaborated with disability service agencies are more likely to hire people with disabilities.

Fact 4:

Company characteristics such as size, industry, and values are predictors of employer’s likelihood of hiring people with disabilities.
Businesses with more than 200 employees have demonstrated to have less concerns in the cost of employing and providing accommodations to employees with disabilities, yet they do experience safety related concerns.

Fact 5:

Employer practices such as focusing on applicant’s qualities, conducting mock interviews with people with disabilities and appropriate job-person match have been demonstrated to be effective in increasing the hiring of people with disabilities.

External Influences on Hiring Practices

  1. Employer education and training
  2. Financial incentives
  3. Legislative influence
  4. Work with disability service agency

Internal Influences on Hiring Practices

  1. Company characteristics
  2. Previous experience in hiring or working with persons with disabilities
  3. Preference for disability type
  4. Specific employer practices

Fact 6:

Employer’s understanding of legislation is a vital factor in their decision in hiring people with disabilities.

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