Innovation Inspiration Expo 2022 - New Year, New Ideas!

Innovation Inspiration Expo 2022 – Call for Proposals

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When you work in vocational rehabilitation, you often have to think outside the box to help consumers overcome obstacles to employment. But how far outside the box?

Share with and learn from your VR colleagues at Innovation Inspiration Expo on January 24-26, 2022!

At Innovation Inspiration Expo, practitioners will share and discuss their innovative and creative solutions that are field-initiated (frontline), improve the consumer VR experience, and result in high-quality employment outcomes. Attendees will explore ways they can adapt your solutions to their programs.

Submit Your Proposal to Participate

Has your agency come up with any unique strategies or inventive programs to help consumers reach their employment goals? Perhaps a new way to introduce consumers to their career choices in an original way? Or streamlined internal procedures to create more face-time with consumers?

Whatever it is, we’d like to provide for you an opportunity to share with – and learn from – your VR colleagues. We welcome a broad range of presenters and topics, and encourage you to submit your proposal today!

What You Need to Know

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