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3 Statements That Can Mislead and Hold Back Autism Employment – Factsheet

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3 Statements:

1. Most workers with disabilities require no special accommodations.

To successfully hire and keep an individual with autism employed, companies will most likely need to make some adjustments to the hiring, onboarding, and training processes. Autism Workforce has proved that there will be a solid return on investment for any extra effort done on the front end, in the form of lower turnover and higher productivity.

2. Majority of employers who made accommodations found the cost to be $500 or less.

While this may be true for some employers, it does not reflect most successful programs where there is a profound change in the business — reduced turnover, increased productivity, and enhanced corporate culture. The cost will likely be more, and it will not be reflected as a line-item on the budget (e.g., manager training, etc.). This is an investment that will be “paid back” many times over.
We need to shift the paradigm for VR agencies & counselors to speak “business” to improve autism employment.

3. Our Services are Free.

While this is true and can be a great selling point, saying "free" can mislead the business decision maker. To successfully implement an inclusive hiring program, they need to understand the commitment and the opportunity. This is not "plug-and-play," this is "return on investment." With this approach, you may start with just one hire, but the success will lead to many, many more throughout the company.

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