Tips and Tools for Employment Specialists Working With Individuals with Co-Occurring Brain Injury and Substance Use Diagnosis

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Recorded Date: 11/2020

Presenters: Dr. Bettie Ray Butler, NTACT and Assistant Professor at UNC Charlotte; Dr. Edwin Achola, Assistant Professor California State University Long Beach

The link between traumatic brain injury and problematic alcohol use that either precedes or continues post a traumatic brain injury is well documented in the literature. Recently, due to the national rise in overdoses related to opioids alone, or in combination with other substances, a similar pattern is observed by both addiction and brain injury professionals and researchers. Individuals who use opioids post a traumatic  brain injury, commonly prescribed for post injury pain, can initiate individuals into problematic use. Likewise, individuals who survive overdose or multiple overdoses are at risk for acquired brain injury.  Reports from professionals and family members alike suggest that many who survive an overdose or a series of nonfatal overdoses experience  cognitive, physical and behavioral challenges common after TBI.

This training discusses how these challenges can pose barriers to successful placement and sustained employment success and how employment professionals can incorporate brain injury informed strategies and techniques to enhance recovery for both brain injury and substance use related challenges.

This webinar is hosted by The Center for Employment & Inclusion.
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