The Business of Business Engagement & Outreach

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The Business of Business Engagement & Outreach

About this Session

The presentation on "The Business of Business Engagement & Outreach" underscores the importance of nuanced language when addressing autism, recognizing the diversity of presentations and individual preferences. David Geslak, supported in research, introduces the challenge of creating autism-ready businesses and emphasizes understanding the needs and language of different companies. The focus on business-driven terminology, identifying bottlenecks, and utilizing evidence-based practices aims to facilitate a more inclusive workforce. The presentation advocates for a patient and tailored approach in engaging businesses, highlighting the potential for positive outcomes, increased production, profits, and social impact through supporting both employees and employers in a new approach to business engagement and employee retention.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the importance of using inclusive language when discussing autism, and recognize the diversity of presentations and preferences within the autism community.
  • Identify key considerations and challenges in creating autism-ready businesses, emphasizing the understanding of business-driven terminology and evidence-based practices.
  • Develop strategies for engaging businesses in conversations about neurodiversity, focusing on patient, tailored approaches to address individual company needs and foster employee retention.

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1 CRC Credit Available Upon Completion

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