The Effects of the Pandemic on State VR Services and Emerging Systemic Changes

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The Effects of the Pandemic on State VR Services and Emerging Systemic Changes

About this Session

This training investigates the impact of COVID-19 on vocational rehabilitation (VR) services in the U.S. Through an online survey, the study reveals a nuanced picture of both positive and negative changes in VR access and service quality. While remote options and technology have enhanced accessibility and flexibility, challenges include decreased staff, disruptions in working alliances, and delays in referrals. The research offers valuable insights into the demographic backgrounds of survey participants, key themes related to VR service adjustments, and recommends training enhancements for rehabilitation counselors to navigate the evolving virtual landscape.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the multifaceted impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on vocational rehabilitation (VR) services, including both positive and negative changes in accessibility and service quality.
  • Explore the demographic background and primary themes identified in a survey examining how state VR agencies adapted to pandemic-related challenges, including adjustments in policies, technology use, and service delivery.
  • Equip rehabilitation professionals with insights into the essential skills and abilities new or entry-level hires need to effectively navigate the evolving virtual environment within VR agencies.

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1 CRC Credit Available Upon Completion

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Meet Your Presenters

  • Charles Bernacchio, Ed.D., CRC
    University of Southern Maine
  • Gina Oswald, Ph.D., CRC
    Cornell University
  • Michael P. Accordino, D.ED, CRC, LMHC
    Springfield College