Integrating Employment Supports in Multidisciplinary Health Clinics for Youth

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Integrating Employment Supports in Multidisciplinary Health Clinics for Youth and Young Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

About this Session

This presentation synthesizes key research findings from various studies, including works by Bouck (2017), Grigal et al. (2011), Haber et al. (2016), Lipscomb et al. (2017), National Core Indicators (2018), Newman et al. (2009), and Test et al. (2009). The focus is on understanding the educational and employment outcomes of youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities, with an emphasis on transition planning, postsecondary education, and predictors of postsecondary success. The presentation aims to provide insights into evidence-based secondary transition predictors for improving post-school outcomes and highlights the characteristics and experiences of youth in special education as revealed by the National Longitudinal Transition Study.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the relevant sections of the CRCC Code of Ethics for effective engagement with students and youth, emphasizing ethical considerations.
  • Explain the inherent power differential in the youth-transition relationship, recognizing its impact and exploring strategies to shift from holding power to sharing power for enhanced engagement.
  • Describe the significance of critical self-reflection in counseling practices, particularly in the context of working with students and youth in transition, and understand how it contributes to more meaningful and ethical interactions.

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1 CRC Credit Available Upon Completion

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Meet Your Presenters

  • Keerti Vajrala, BSE
    Research Services Professional
    University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus
  • Aryn Taylor, PhD, CRC, LPCC
    Assistant Professor
    University of Northern Colorado
  • Melanie Honsbruch, CPWIC
    Curriculum Developer/Trainer
    University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus
    Colorado Office of Employment First