Promoting Career Success for College Graduates with Physical Disabilities Series – Webinar 3

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Hearing from the Partners: Experiences of Students, Employers, VR Counselors and Campus Professionals

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About this Training:

It takes a village. Fehribach Center programming succeeds in large part due to its active partnerships with others. Campus professionals such as Disability Services and Career Services staff encourage student participation in the Center’s internships and participate in virtual Communities of Practice that Center staff facilitate. Employers across Indiana who value a diverse workforce (including employees with disabilities) actively sponsor interns and work with students and staff to create accessible work environments. Center staff also partner with VR counselors when possible to support client utilization of VR’s expertise.

This webinar will include conversations with representatives of all these stakeholders, who will discuss their motivations, experiences, and meaningful results of their participation in Center programming.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will understand reasons why various stakeholders seek engagement with the type of workplace preparation that the Fehribach Center offers.
  • Participants will learn more about how the Fehribach Center staff forge and maintain these productive and positive partnerships.
Promoting Career Success for College Graduates with Physical Disabilities – Three-Part Series

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In this three-part training series, we’ll explore the issues, barriers, and best practices in promoting equitable employment outcomes for individuals with physical disabilities.
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