Remote Work for People With Disabilities

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Remote Work for People with Disabilities

About this Session

Jake Marino's presentation focuses on the intersection of disability and remote work, exploring its impact on the employment of people with disabilities (PWD). Marino, a seasoned professional with a background in rehabilitation counseling, covers essential topics such as accommodations for remote work, the disclosure of disabilities, and the unique considerations for vocational rehabilitation counselors. He introduces the Certified Remote Work Professional Certificate Course at Utah State University, designed to provide individuals in rural areas with the skills needed for remote work. Marino concludes by addressing questions related to the return to office efforts by companies, potential segregation of PWD in remote work, and work/life balance issues in a remote work setting.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the reasons for the growing trend of remote work for people with disabilities, emphasizing its benefits in providing autonomy, overcoming transportation challenges, and accommodating caretaker responsibilities.
  • Examine the considerations and processes related to accommodations, disclosure, and the interactive dialogue for individuals with disabilities engaged in remote employment.
  • Gain insights into the Rural Online Initiative's mission, objectives, and the Certified Remote Work Professional Certificate Course, including how it connects with the Utah Vocational Rehabilitation system and offers career development opportunities for individuals in rural and emerging counties.

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1 CRC Credit Available Upon Completion

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Meet Your Presenter

  • Jake Marino MRC, CRC
    Regional Program Coordinator
    Rural Online Initiative, Utah State University