Through the Looking Glass: Critical Reflection and Multicultural Counseling Competence (Ethics)

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Through the Looking Glass: Critical Reflection and Multicultural Counseling Competence (Ethics)

About this Session

This session explores the intersection of critical reflection and multicultural counseling competencies to enhance therapeutic alliances when working with students and youth with disabilities. The speakers, Nichole Tichy, DJ Ralston, Sandi Miller, and RaQuaam Smith, discuss the importance of counselor self-awareness, understanding client worldviews, and utilizing effective counseling and advocacy interventions. The Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies (MSJCC) framework is presented, focusing on attitudes, knowledge, skills, and actions to promote cultural competence. The session emphasizes the role of critical reflection in recognizing biases, fostering open-mindedness, and promoting action-oriented strategies for personal and professional development in the counseling relationship.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the relevant sections of the CRCC Code of Ethics for effective engagement with students and youth, emphasizing ethical considerations.
  • Explain the inherent power differential in the youth-transition relationship, recognizing its impact and exploring strategies to shift from holding power to sharing power for enhanced engagement.
  • Describe the significance of critical self-reflection in counseling practices, particularly in the context of working with students and youth in transition, and understand how it contributes to more meaningful and ethical interactions.

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1 CRC Credit (Ethics) Available Upon Completion

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