Providing Vocational Rehabilitation to Consumers with Justice Involvement

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Providing Vocational Rehabilitation to Consumers with Justice Involvement: Strategies for Training, Education, and Research

About this Session

This presentation addresses the challenges and considerations in vocational rehabilitation for individuals with a history of justice system involvement. The objectives include examining this population's attempt to enter or stay in the labor force, discussing the intersection of disability and incarceration, presenting common health concerns among formerly incarcerated individuals, exploring vocational rehabilitation considerations, and providing an example of a federally funded job retention project. The presentation emphasizes the significant barriers faced by individuals post-release, such as gaps in employment history, education challenges, public and self-stigma, and post-release requirements. The speakers offer strategies, a strengths-based approach, and resources to enhance the vocational rehabilitation process for this unique population./p>

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the intersection of disability, incarceration, and vocational rehabilitation, exploring common health concerns among individuals with justice involvement.
  • Learn practical strategies for addressing employment barriers faced by individuals with justice involvement in the vocational rehabilitation process.
  • Explore unique considerations and challenges associated with vocational rehabilitation for individuals with criminal records, including issues related to disclosure, legal protections, and the impact on employment opportunities.

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Meet Your Presenters

  • Chelsea E. Brehmer, Ph.D.
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Phillip Rumrill, Ph.D., CRC
    University of Kentucky