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Understanding Employer Disability Attitudes & Hiring Practices – Factsheet

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Key Facts:

Fact 1:

Employer’s lack of knowledge on disability relating legislations and accommodations contributes to the negative attitudes and misperceptions of people with disabilities ability to work.
Inclusion of disability in a company’s diversity and inclusion policies and procedures increases the representation of people with disabilities in the workplace.

Fact 2:

Employers who have a history of working with or had prior contact with people with disabilities tend to have a more optimistic attitude of hiring them due to understanding of the benefits of doing so.

Fact 3:

Diversity and inclusion policies tend to not explicitly list disability consequently contributing to employer’s view of disability as an accommodation issue, rather than one of inclusivity.
Employers frequently view disability as an accommodation issue, but not a diversity issue.

Fact 4:

Employers can improve their recruitment strategies for people with disabilities through paid internships, building relationships with vocational rehabilitation agencies and community-based organizations, and involvement in job fairs.

Fact 5:

Size of company plays a key role in recruitment and hiring of people with disabilities, with larger companies having the greater likelihood in employing people with disabilities.

Fact 6:

Strategies to better support employers in the hiring process of people with disabilities include having a human resource specialist that is knowledgeable of disability related policies and job accommodations, diversity trainings, and technical assistance to name a few.

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