CSAVR 2023 National Employment Team (NET) Summit

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Event Details:

Date: Tuesday, September 19 – Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Location: Westin Washington, DC City Center

Cost: $325 | Due to demand, registration is limited.  All non-State Agency personnel must contact CSAVR (kwest-evans@csavr.org) for registration. 

Draft Agenda:

Day One

NET Members, Business Relations and VR Training Center Staff meet to discuss a number of updates and hold roundtable discussions based on “hot topics” submitted by the team.

General Session

    • Welcome
    • Introductions
    • NET and Business Relations Update

Breakouts and Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable Discussions “Hot Topics”

  1. Cross Staff Training and Development: How do you build the team within a VR agency to include the career focus upfront? This would include the working relationships at all levels within the organization as well as the VRC – Business Relations Staff and other areas that support CIE outcomes in the dual customer environment – OT, AT, Transition, etc.
  2. Business Based Training – disability awareness, demographics, Windmills and other tools. How to best use these tools when working with a business at all levels, particularly in a DEI&A environment.
  3. Measuring Outcomes of Business Relations Services – where do we have tools that are being used (e.g. MI), there is uncertainty about WIOA Indicator 6 so how do Business Relations teams define and share their outcomes? This could include reporting on a wide range of services, employment outcomes, customer satisfaction tools, etc. Could this be part of the statewide assessment for the State Plan, what is the involvement of the SRC? How do the measures related to the amendments in the Rehab Act directly related to VR’s work with business?
  4. Work Based Learning – the continuum of opportunities, what strategies are being used effectively, consider the wide range of options: volunteer work, internships, externships, OJTs, training center involvement, pre-apprenticeship/apprenticeship options.
  5. Transition: early introduction of careers and opportunities to students while they are still in school. What is the connection between Transition Counselors, the schools and the Business Relations team?
  6. Second Chance Employment: where do we have partnerships and models that are effective in working with business to build opportunities for individuals with disabilities who are formerly incarcerated?

Day One Evening Reception

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Recognizing partners and individuals who have made a difference in promoting a dual customer approach that supports the careers and independence of customers with disabilities.

Day Two

Hearing from our Business Partners, including Federal Agencies – Dual Partnerships that are Effective and Where we Move Together for Future Career Opportunities that Meet the Employment Needs of Business
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