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Some employers may hesitate to hire people with disabilities. They may have questions and concerns about providing accommodations, or may feel unsure how to interact with a person with a disability. Vocational rehabilitation counselors can play a key role in easing potential employers’ questions and concerns.

With correct information and useful resources from vocational rehabilitation professionals, employers can tap into a talent pool that could improve their bottom line. The result? Knowledgeable and successful employers comfortable with a diverse workforce that includes people with disabilities, and people with disabilities who have reached and can maintain their quality employment goals.

In fact, inclusive workplace settings have beneficial outcomes for both employees and employers with disabilities such as higher job satisfaction, more interaction among coworkers, improved productivity, enhanced company morale, improved attendance, and reduced training costs for new employees. (Source: TACQE Factsheet)

TACQE provides expert technical assistance and consultation to vocational rehabilitation agencies, community service providers, and other stakeholders to successfully support employers in recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees with disabilities. We invite you to use the resources below to get started supporting employers.

Recommended Resources from TACQE and Partners

Support employers to recruit, hire, and retain qualified people with disabilities using these resources.

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