CSAVR and NET Share Public Service Announcements

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The National Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR) and the National Employment Team (NET) recently released two Public Service Announcements (PSAs): the first to support recruitment and retention of vocational rehabilitation (VR) professionals; the second a call to action for businesses to reach the largely untapped labor pool of people with disabilities.

We encourage you to spread the word! Here’s what you can do:

Share Public Service Announcements with Colleagues

This CSAVR Recruitment PSA is a call to action to join the VR profession and a thank you to those who are already VR counselors. It spotlights the VR team and the many roles VR professional take on.

  • Share this PSA with colleagues as a recognition, and thank you for their dedication to VR and supporting people with disabilities to achieve quality, competitive employment.
  • Distribute the PSA to educators and employment agencies. It’s a great tool to inform others about VR and the roles a VR Counselor plays in improving employment opportunities for both people with disabilities.
  • Be prepared to have conversations and answer questions! Your viewpoint and experience matter.

Engage with Employers to Increase their Pool of Qualified Candidates and Meet their Business Needs

The CSAVR Business PSA reflects the voice of business and their call to hire individuals with disabilities. It recognizes employers’ desire to reach a largely untapped, qualified labor pool.

  • Reach out to employers and ask them to take a few minutes to watch the PSA. They’ll discover an available pool of qualified employees to help them meet their business needs.
  • Initiate conversations with employers about the positive impact an inclusive workforce has on not only their bottom line, but on gaining a broader variety of perspectives when problem-solving.
  • Use TACQE’s Employer Hub and Employer Engagement Resource Guide for tools to improve your engagement strategies and find resources valuable for employer success.
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