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Travel Training Certification

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Transportation is one of the most challenging barriers to employment for people with disabilities. People with disabilities may be unfamiliar interacting with people, providers, and transportation systems that can help them get to work.

Only 20% of people with travel-limiting disabilities work full or part time jobs – and that number has been shrinking the past few years.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022

A lack of knowledge about their transportation options shouldn’t prevent a candidate with a disability from accepting a great job offer. One way to help consumers learn what they need to know is to become a certified travel trainer.

Certified Travel Training Program

Becoming a Certified Travel Trainer enables a vocational rehabilitation professional to help individuals who want to learn how to ride buses, subways, rail, and commuter ferries in urban, suburban, and rural settings.

One such program is offered through EasterSeals through their Project Action Consulting division. Travel trainer programs help professionals learn about different aspects of travel like ADA transportation regulations, and rules about accessible transportation. They can also learn how human service agencies, states, regional agencies, tribal nations, and communities individually handle transportation needs – as well as ways to foster coordination and collaboration.

Learn More About the EasterSeals Travel Training Program
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