Planning for the Unexpected

Being able to plan for the unexpected, react, and rebound is essential for your business. Resilience is an important strategy for helping employees deal with stress, a competitive job market, workplace conflicts, and challenges on the job. Improving resilience is critical because employees rank work as the most stressful aspect of their lives.

Most companies and businesses have emergency response plans in place. There are specific protocols for each scenario, whether it is a weather, environmental, or human threat. When you have employees with disabilities, your emergency preparedness plan must take into account additional factors. These resources can assist you in being prepared.

Resilience: A Strong Workforce Needs It

Center for Workplace Mental Health

Resilience is a key element in well-being. Employers increasingly recognize the need to provide services, supports, and health resources that address mental health and well-being.

Emergency Preparedness

Office of Disability Employment Policy

Create emergency preparedness plans that consider the needs of people with disabilities during such emergencies.