U.S. Labor Market Analysis

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COVID-19’s Mark on Employment

The COVID-19 Pandemic has certainly left its mark, on a global scale, with respect to almost every aspect of human life. Employment industries and occupations have definitely seen historic declines and major shifts in consumer behaviors: which has led to momentous unemployment rates for our nation.

Labor Market Analysis for Vocational Planning

The purpose of this Labor Market Analysis is for the Vocational Rehabilitation Technical Assistance Center for Quality Employment (VRTAC-QE) to provide a resource for state VR agencies to use with vocational planning and the identification of vocational goals with respect to state, regional, and U.S. labor market information.

U.S. Workforce Predictions

Specifically, this Labor Market Analysis will address how the U.S. workforce is predicted to change over the next decade for both top projected growth and declining industry/occupations, along with factors that may explain the projections.

State Labor Market Projections

We have gathered information from each state and from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): comparing the results. This LMA has projections that did not take into consideration the COVID-19 Pandemic’s influence, as they were completed just prior to it hitting the U.S.; however, we include a section in which the BLS has projected a moderate and a strong impact for both projection data.

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