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Middle-Level Skills Through Customized Training

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Vocational rehabilitation is meant to help job-seekers with disabilities find competitive, integrated employment. When area employers at specific companies — or in specific industries — have a steady need for candidates, this presents an opportunity for partnership.

In customized training, vocational rehabilitation provides the talent pool, the employer supplies the jobs — and they collaborate with community colleges to create “customized” training that is specific to a company’s or industry’s needs.

For vocational rehabilitation agencies, training institutions, and employers, customized training is a win-win-win.

Middle-Skill Jobs

Many companies have jobs that require people to have a high school diploma, but don’t require a four-year degree to excel at the work. Rather, what is needed to do the work is specialized training.  Customized training aims to provide these skills. When companies implement customized training programs, they are investing in their employees. These jobs have more room for career growth, and pay better than entry-level jobs. Customized training can be an excellent bridge between employers and vocational rehabilitation consumers. This resource from Explore VR has more information about middle-skill jobs and using a customized training approach.

Customized training is a great way to connect job-seekers with employers who may not know about this untapped talent pool.

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