Rare Opportunity: Increase Access to On-Demand Transportation

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Imagine if people with disabilities had access to on-demand transportation options that met their unique mobility needs and preferences using just one app and payment method. A new technology called TDS could make this possible, and human service providers have a rare opportunity to drive demand for this technology.

TDS: A New Technology

TDS (transactional data specification for demand-responsive transportation) is a new technology that makes it possible for demand-responsive transportation providers of all sizes to collaborate using a common data format. Providers that use TDS can exchange trip requests with partners online, automate trip assignments, and perform as one integrated network, even if they use different scheduling software.

Using TDS could reduce or eliminate agencies' and individuals’ struggle to find accessible transportation options, and help providers balance their capacity to provide services.

A Rare Opportunity to Impact Change

Human services transportation supporters can play an important role in driving demand for the TDS, according to the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC) and American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). They recommend:

  • Adopting TDS in your program
  • Requiring software and technology vendors to include TDS in their deliverables
  • Implementing pilots, documenting lessons learned, and sharing these experiences
  • Educating foundations and funding agencies about TDS and integrating it into grant-funded projects
  • Championing the benefits of TDS to professional peers, decisionmakers, and elected officials

Learn More About TDS and Changing Transportation Technology

Use these resources to learn how new technology is changing the transportation systems and increasing accessibility for people with disabilities.

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