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Autism Spectrum Disorders Outreach Guide

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As many as 1 in 36 children were diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in the United States in 2020. This means that in each year of the next decade, an estimated 70,700 to 111,600 teens will age out of school-based autism services as they enter adulthood, according to autismspeaks.org.

The prevalence of young people with autism entering the workforce greatly impacts both transition services and general vocational rehabilitation services.

Vocational rehabilitation providers who understand the varied experiences of people with autism will be better prepared to provided individualized, effective services that result in quality employment outcomes.

Neurodiversity and Autism

Describing people with autism as “neurodiverse” has become commonplace over the past years. Neurodiversity is an umbrella term for several neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism. The term can be controversial; it embraces the idea that there is no “right” way of thinking, learning, or behaving, and those differences are not deficits. However, some autism advocates believe treatment, rather than acceptance, is necessary to alleviate suffering of those with severe autism. (Source: Harvard Health, Psychology Today)

The controversy over terms is a reflection of how autism affects each person differently. People with autism differ as much from one another as do all people. Some people with autism have advanced conversational skills while others are nonverbal. Some may need support with daily activities, while others need little support. People with autism may be very smart, of average intelligence, or have cognitive deficits.

Outreach to People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Engaging with and providing individualized services is necessary to address the unique experiences and needs of people with autism. Here are a variety of resources to get you started.

On-Demand Training

More Resources

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