Outreach Planning and Resources Guide

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Outreach is one of the best ways to connect with and create relationships with consumers — and also with potential partners. If you’ve tried to conduct outreach activities in the past, then you know that organization and planning are key to success.

This resource provides a straightforward guide for creating an outreach plan, from pre-planning considerations to evaluating the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

What the guide covers:

  • Questions to ask before creating an outreach plan
  • Directions for tying an outreach plan to an organization’s goals
  • Establishing a master plan covering all outreach activities
  • Collaboration ideas to increase staff buy-in and to clarify staff responsibilities
  • Tips for setting achievable goals
  • Defining and measuring outreach plan success

How Can You Measure Success?

The guide shows how to set SMART outreach goals, determine what strategies will be used to carry out a plan, and how to break strategies down into tasks. In addition, the guide covers delegating responsibility and establishing a timeline. There is information for determining outcomes and for measuring the success of outreach efforts.

Putting Your Outreach Plan into Action

Along with pre-planning activities, the guide provides templates that can be used to organize an outreach plan, as well as completed templates so users can see examples.

The resource also details ways to evaluate the outreach efforts to inform future planning.

Outreach Guide: Creating an Outreach Workplan (pdf)

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