Rapid Engagement: Improving Employment Outcomes

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Rapid engagement is a strategy that moves people with disabilities through the rehabilitation process, from application to service provision, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Using rapid engagement maximizes the likelihood that job seekers with disabilities actively and fully participate in their rehabilitation plans and achieve successful employment outcomes. (Source: VRTAC-QM and CIT-VR)

Recent research shows a correlation between the length of time it takes to complete an eligibility determination or an individualized plan for employment and a client's successful employment outcome.

Approaches to Rapid Engagement

Rapid engagement is not a cookie-cutter solution to improving employment outcomes; each agency and counselor must examine VR processes used and determine areas where service provision could be streamlined to support positive employment outcomes.

Several approaches to VR service provision have been shown to effectively support rapid engagement, including:

  • Demand-Side Employment Approach
    This approach involves engaging with potential employers during the rehabilitation planning process and finding an employment outcome with expected growth increases and opportunities for hire. Read TACQE’s research summary to learn more about the demand-side approach.
  • Integrated Resource Teams
    Using community resources to support case management strategies supports rapid engagement. Involving other support systems increases communication with the job-seeker and places some of the responsibility to maintain contact with the job seeker. Explore Integrated Resource Teams with Workforce GPS.
  • Progressive Employment Model
    The progressive employment model emphasizes business engagement, responsiveness to employer needs, and rapid work engagement for job seekers. Learn more about Progressive Employment with ExploreVR.
  • Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Model
    One of the eight principles of this evidence-based practice includes the concept of Rapid Job Search, with job-seekers having their first contact with an employer within 30 days. This approach is linked to improved employment outcomes. Learn more about IPS from the IPS Employment Center.

Rapid engagement as an employment strategy supports VR professionals to help people with disabilities prepare for, obtain, advance in, and maintain employment by providing a range of services that meet individual employment needs and goals. We encourage you to use the following resources to learn more about rapid engagement.

Recommended Resources from TACQE and Partners

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