Promoting Career Success for College Graduates with Physical Disabilities Series – Webinar 1

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The Gregory S. Fehribach Center - Powerful Employment Preparation for an Underserved Population

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About this Training:

This webinar provides an overview of the mission, components, and people who make up the Fehribach Center, an Indianapolis-based organization that provides paid internships related to the intern’s major and professional development workshops to college students in the Midwest who have physical disabilities (i.e., mobility, hearing, visual, and/or orthopedic).

As of Summer 2023, the Center will have provided 395 in-person and remote internships to 196 students attending 43 colleges or universities in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Illinois. These internships have been sponsored by 38 employers such as Eli Lilly, the Indiana Pacers, the City of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, and Eskenazi Health. Center staff work closely with Disability Services and Career Services campus providers, employers, and VR counselors to coordinate these services, which are free to qualifying students. This work fills an important gap in supporting the employment preparation of highly intelligent postsecondary students with apparent disabilities who can require unique accommodations or assistive technology in the workplace and often encounter implicit bias in the hiring process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be informed about the high expectations the Center holds for quality career preparation and employment for its interns.
  • Participants will increase their understanding of the challenges and supports needed by many college students with physical disabilities to prepare for successful work opportunities.
  • Participants will learn more about the accommodations and assistive technology that young adults with physical disabilities may need for equal access on the job.
Measuring the Impact: Outcome Data from an Internship Program for College Students with Physical Disabilities

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In webinar two of this three-part training series, we'll present a panel discussion offering perspectives and data to help answer the following question: How does the Gregory S. Fehribach Center affect the career preparation and outcomes of college students with physical disabilities?
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