Step-by-Step Apprenticeship Implementation Guide

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Apprenticeship programs can be a great option for job seekers with disabilities. This flyer from Explore VR provides agencies with guidance and worksheets for all phases of apprenticeship, from pre-planning all the way through to continuous improvement. The document is comprised of eight steps. This introduction breaks the steps down into three phases: pre-planning, implementation, and maintenance.
In the last decade, the number of people entering apprenticeships has more than doubled.

Source: Department of Labor

Planning an Apprenticeship Program

Discovery: Before implementing an apprenticeship program, the following research and actions need to take place:

  • Define Your Apprenticeship Program
  • Assess Current Labor Market Trends
  • Build a Team
  • Evaluate the System’s Current State

Getting Underway

Implementation: Using the data and resources from discovery, agencies can plan and carry out an apprenticeship program:

  • Develop Your Strategy
  • Implement Your Program

Assessment and Continuous Improvement

Maintenance:  Once the apprenticeship program is underway, agencies use metrics to assess how the program is progressing, and where there is room for improvement

  • Evaluate Progress and Measure Results
  • Make Improvements

Along with defining each of the steps, the flyer also provides directed brainstorming forms for agencies to fill out during planning.

Implementing an apprenticeship program can be a win for all stakeholders: VR counselors, consumers, businesses, and training organizations.

Check out this Apprenticeship Implementation Guide to plan and implement a new apprenticeship program – or to enhance existing programs.

Pre-Apprenticeship Program Resources (pdf)

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