Resource Guide: VR Counselor Retention

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Counselor burnout and high turnover decreases the VR system’s ability to support people with disabilities reach their employment and life goals. When staff members leave, their consumers may be assigned a new counselor. This change can be distressing and discouraging for all involved. It often requires consumers to retell their entire story, the new counselor to learn case specifics, and both the counselor and consumer to emotionally invest in trying to build rapport with one another.

Yet, research shows that VR counselors with 5 or more years of experience have more successful employment outcomes for their consumers. Improving counselor retention could significantly improve the VR system’s ability to support consumers reach their employment and quality of life goals.

Experienced employees who provide meaningful guidance, counseling, and services to VR participants are one of the most critical pieces to the VR puzzle to help individuals with disabilities be successful. Source: San Diego State University Interwork Institute

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