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One of the biggest challenges to employment for people with disabilities can be lack of appropriate transportation. Getting to know the options in your surrounding community is important to offer ideas and solutions to the people you serve. Here is a compilation of transportation resources to get started.

By the Numbers

Only 20% of people with travel-limiting disabilities work full or part time jobs -- and that number has been shrinking the past few years.

-- Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022

Nearly 25 million people have a travel-limiting disability, and 3.6 million of them are homebound because of their disability.

-- Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Only one-fifth of people aged 18 to 64 work full or part-time if they have travel-limiting disabilities.

-- Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Despite the numbers, many people with disabilities successfully live and work in their communities and can independently get where they need to go. As vocational rehabilitation counselors, knowing about and offering options for transportation will help increase competitive integrated employment outcomes for people with disabilities.

Recommended Resources

Here are a variety of resources to get you started:

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From Our Partners:


The Department of Transportation is dedicated to ensuring that transportation is accessible for people with disabilities. Find out about their comprehensive approach, their equity efforts, and their work to improve transportation options for traditionally underserved populations.

Disability Transportation Resource Center

The Department of Transportation’s Disability Resource Center provides many resources on transportation options for people with disabilities.

Transportation Resources and Supports

The National Aging and Disability Transportation Center is a one-stop source for a wide variety of disability transportation information and support:

Transportation Resources

The National Center for Mobility Management’s goal is to improve transportation options for all – including people with disabilities, older adults, and those with low income.

Resources for Rural Transportation

National Rural Transit Assistance Program have compiled a wide variety of resources for overcoming transportation obstacles.


The American Association of People with Disabilities promotes equal access to transportation for people with disabilities is one of the advocacy areas for the AAPD.

Job Accommodation Network: Transportation to and From Work

Although employers do not need to supply transportation to and from work, the Job Accommodation Network provides ideas for supporting workers with disabilities.

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